Friday, 30 March 2012


Today i went shopping with my brother's girlfriend and we both picked up this knit for $20 such a bargain how can you not say no? you can't see the colour to well but its a deep royal blue (sorry due to the editing) I bought it from Dotti they have a lot of basics at great prices. 

I also went to lush and i NEVER walk into lush without walking out with something in my hands. But... I'm trying to save so i limited to only two items. My favourite all time exfoliator/body butter Aqua Mirabilis it leaves your skin so soft and easy to use in the shower and smells like a cookie jar, its amazing perfect for pre tanning which is exactly what I'm using it for.

I also bought my favourite face mask Brazened Honey which I use when i feel my skin isn't looking its best. Its my go - to skin care. Leaves my skin fresh and bright. 

I bought these new winter boots from Wanted but only because the ones i really wanted (.. ha) and loved cost double the price and with me "trying" to save and all i thought these would just have to do... but what was i thinking of course ill go back and swap them and buy these the ones i really want. aren't they amazing!?

Well having a chill night at home, fake tanning and eating tabouli and a shit load of passion fruits. 

Enjoy your weekend x

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  1. I love the jumper! I love that colour for jumpers :) I also love lush and their face masks.. their whole shop just smells like heaven!! :) xx